About us

CoverSelf is a generational leap forward in healthcare claims and Payment Integrity architecture, built from the ground up for healthcare-specific use by passionate domain experts and strong technology professionals with decades of experience in addressing the pain points faced by Providers and Payers when dealing with the latest technological advancements.
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Our Team

Coverself | Raghavendra Pawar, Founder
Raghavendra Pawar
Coverself | Raghavendra Pawar, Founder
Rajasekhar Maddireddy
Coverself | Raghavendra Pawar, Founder
HK Doley
Coverself | Raghavendra Pawar, Founder
Sukhwinder Lamba (Sukhi)
Senior Business Advisor

Our Vision

Our vision is to make our users meaningful beneficiaries of the generational architectural shift taking place in Information Technology today, and to address healthcare claims and payment integrity with a unified and holistic approach. We aim to simplify and democratize the Healthcare Claims and Payment Integrity Industry by creating a fully-open and transparent solution that can be built upon in a spirit of collaboration rather than cause duplication of efforts to address the more than $900 billion in administrative waste & improper payments in the U.S.

Founded in 2021, CoverSelf’s Payment Integrity Platform engages modern technologies to address payment leakage & claims inaccuracies while remaining transparent & accessible to Payers. The platform empowers payers to prevent and adapt to the ever-evolving claims & payment inaccuracies. We also help you reduce complexity and administrative costs with our unified healthcare dedicated platform.

It is purpose-built, utilizing multiple approaches to reduce administrative waste while identifying new savings opportunities. It empowers teams to configure their own policies, and logic in simple English or using simple policy-specific templates overcoming the fear of losing IP. We’ve also removed time-consuming back and forth between configurers and business users. This ensures rule logic is captured in a real sense without losing the context in the downstream processes. Innovation & new concept releases occur quickly without technical dependencies.


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