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CoverSelf’s healthcare-specific, next-gen, cloud-native, and customizable claims accuracy platform is built from the ground up using modern software development techniques. It empowers user's long-term success by smoothly adapting to ever-evolving, dynamic claims and payment inaccuracies, reducing complexities and administrative costs.
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Coverself Payment Integrity Platform
Payer Solution - Coverself Payment Integrity Platform


CoverSelf’s Payment Integrity Platform engages modern technologies to address payment leakage & inaccuracies while remaining transparent & accessible to Payers.
Coverself Payment Integrity Platform
CoverSelf’s Revenue Integrity Platform is an integrated, unified & customizable solution for all types of provider revenue cascade. This platform’s objective is to empower the HIM & RCM departments to increase clean claims rates on the first pass and to reduce revenue loss & administrative waste.
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Coverself Payment Integrity Platform
Partner Solution - Coverself Payment Integrity Platform


This platform provides open access to all Partners working to address claims inaccuracies, administrative waste & inefficiency, enabling them to build, customize, innovate & release at a faster pace.

Who can use our product

Payer - Coverself Payment Integrity Platform
Provider-owned health plans - Coverself Payment Integrity Platform
Provider-owned health plans
Payment Integrity Partners

“We’ve done it, so you don’t have to”

Payment Integrity platform

Healthcare Domain - Coverself Payment Integrity Platform
Healthcare & Domain
Specific Platform
A purpose-built, fully- customizable platform with industry pre-configured code sets & reimbursement payment policies/scenarios with auto-updates, built for payment integrity.
Simplify Customization - Coverself Payment Integrity Platform
Simplifies Ideation and Customization
Helps create new scenarios & data mining algorithms, innovating products, and expediting customization through this purpose-built platform and increases speed to innovation. 
Comprehensive Platform - Coverself Payment Integrity Platform
Comprehensive Platform
Integrated Rules Library Management System with Workflow, Audit & Exception Management
Payer Specific Claims Auto-Correction - Coverself Payment Integrity Platform
Payer-Specific Claims Auto-Correction
Claims are corrected and processed automatically - ensuring that there’s no additional human intervention or effort required. Configuration errors, if any, are identified quickly to streamline workflow processes.  
Invites Flexible Innovation - Coverself Payment Integrity Platform
Invites Flexible Innovation
An intuitive, easy-to-write rules scripting language that empowers all Domain Users with more control, removing technical dependency and increasing speed.
Transparent and Efficient - Coverself Payment Integrity Platform
Transparent & Efficient
Open and thoroughly transparent Platform designed explicitly for healthcare claims accuracy, faster releases, self-customizations, & integrated workflows.
“Our partnership is a critical step in establishing a tech platform that is singular for us... that enables ease of use and management of patients, staff, and new companies that can come in to join us on our journey to health assurance.”
Coverself Payment Integrity Platform
Mathew Wade
CTO, Miles Technologies

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