Healthcare is losing billions of dollars in administrative waste and improper payments. We simplify and bridge the gap.

CoverSelf empowers all stakeholders with a truly NEXT-GEN scalable platform with curated solutions to all in the ecosystem.

Healthcare Payors and TPAs

Existing Payment integrity vendors were born before the cloud and not well equipped for a generational leap forward in technology and execution

  • Up-to date Pre-build library & Maintenance

  • Hyper-Customization & Versioning

  • Full control & Transparent: Self Manageable Platform

Healthcare Providers

Current revenue cycle management vendors do not have laser focus towards Revenue Integrity. Lack of this is allowing leakages for healthcare providers & increasing administrative wastage.

  • Up-to date regulatory & compliance validations for pre-bill edits with our robust library.

  • Create new custom alerts based on payor contracts & requirements.

  • Derive insights from denials, suggest fixes & prevent future similar denials by configuring them.

Healthcare Partners

Regulation & Compliance changes is a dynamic, complex and high maintenance in healthcare. We are building open APIs to integrate with us.

  • Regulatory & Compliance as an API.

  • Any customizations are taken care on request.

  • Historical claims can be ingested for executing certain policies.